Sweet Cheesus

We started with a white sheet of paper when we created the brand for this artisanal foodie start-up selling mini cheesecakes. The clients approached us with 2 things: firstly the product and secondly the knowledge that they would need a compelling brand… but no idea how to go about it. We explained that in order to cut-through in the white-hot competition of London’s foodie sector that we would need to employ every element of a brand’s armoury – starting with the name, tone and language. And Sweet Cheesus was born! This is a great example of a client recognising what they didn’t know and then trusting us to get on with it. The result has been something of a major success and one of the projects that we are frequently commended for.


Work Programme Undertaken Includes: Brand Naming / Brand Definition / Brand Positioning / Brand Identity / Brand Implementation / POS / Packaging / Website Design / Stationery.