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We were brought in by Shoreditch based start up to rework their brand and identity system. Our solution with the logo was to bring in elements that reflect the pilcrow graphic device upon which the brand’s name is based. We then developed a consistent brand identity system that includes supporting iconography and devices, a powerful colour palette plus a clear style for composition of photography.


Brand creation for a new central London tech start-up that uses bags and packaging as an advertising medium… hence the name.

Our work included creating the overall brand and identity.

White Oak

We were approached to create the brand proposition, identity and supporting collateral on behalf of WhiteOak a Mayfair based financial consultancy that works on an international basis with high net worth clients. We developed a simple, elegant and striking graphic solution that can be either impactful or subtle, depending upon the usage that it is required for.

Work Programme Undertaken Includes: Brand Naming / Brand Definition / Brand Positioning / Brand Identity & Guidelines / Brand Implementation / POS / Website Design / Stationery.


Brand creation on behalf of a leading national resorting business. We undertook a root and branch brand programme including brand definition, positioning, identity, language and tone plus a full implementation programme.

Work Programme Undertaken Includes: Brand Definition / Brand Positioning / Brand Identity & Guidelines / Brand Implementation / POS / Website Design / Stationery.

Fort Dunlop

Development of a graphic corporate identity system, logo design and subsequent implementation programme for the regeneration of an iconic West Midlands building on behalf of Urban Splash. The logo references both its heyday in the 20s and 30s as a major tyre production centre – and also the profile of the building itself, whilst industrial sized ‘super graphics’ integrate the wayfinding system into the architectural theme of the building itself.

Work Programme Undertaken Includes:  Brand Definition / Brand Positioning / Brand Identity & Guidelines / Brand Implementation / Super-Large Format Building Graphics & Iconic Sigane / Wayfaring Signage / Advertising / POS / Website Design / Stationery.


NiteNite Budget Boutique Hotels

We defined and developed the brand for one of the first players within the new ‘budget boutique’ hotel sector. The hotel group is planning a roll-out of 30 sites across Europe over the coming years including London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona & Milan. Our work started at the business planning stage and covered every aspect from brand definition, logo design, identity & brand language through to implementation across every aspect of their customer interaction everything from a coffee cup upwards to building signage.

21 Ball, Park Lane

Branding of a charity ball at The Dorchester Hotel in London on behalf of Babes in Arms. We stepped in to help at the last minute and had 8 days from brief through to sign-off for production. This included pulling together the 40 page event programme plus other branded elements including table cards, photographer’s backdrop and website landing page. An eclectic identity style was developed that set up a versatile visual system to allow for content of various provenance – what we tend to refer to as ‘Freedom Within A Framework’.

Work Programme Undertaken Includes: Brand Identity & Guidelines / Brand Implementation / Event Interior Design / External Signage & Graphics / Literature / Advertising / Website Design / Stationery.

Bloc Boutique Hotels

Brand definition, identity and full implementation programme for what is expected to be a major new hotel chain in Central Europe. The scope of works included design of exterior and internal signage and wayfairing strategy, literature, stationery, advertising and clothing, plus website (design).



Development on behalf of the International Dance Festival Birmingham of an identity that would simultaneously have a powerful impact as a branding device in its purest sense and would also represent the various different disciplines of dance involved within the festival.

The logo design was created from a kaleidoscope-type overlay of different dance styles following much redrawing and reinterpretation. The end result has has been applied across everything from buildings, brochures, the internet and national advertising campaigns.

National Youth Choirs Great Britain

We were honoured to be invited to rebrand the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain. We were brought in to articulate the brand proposition both in tone and visually. A challenging project but a great result. The brief outlined that the words Great Britain should subordinate to the main words in the name – National Youth Choirs. How to achieve this when the only option for such a long name is the use of an acronym… whilst also making a subtle nod to their musical raison d’être? The simple solution that we came up with involves using the ‘GB’ element to reference the time sequence annotation that you find on a musical stave.

Work Programme Undertaken Includes: Brand Definition / Brand Positioning / Brand Identity & Guidelines / Brand Implementation / External Signage & Graphics / Literature / Advertising / Website Design / Clothing / Stationery / Promotional Items.