Bread & Butter

Another foodie brand creation project, creating the brand identity and interior for Bread & Butter Eatery in Leamington Spa. This was a relatively low budget project but very rewarding in the sense that the brief from the client was very much along the lines of “you are the expert not me, so I’ll give you full creative freedom…’.

The old shop interior was stripped out back to bare brick in what I call a ‘scorched earth policy’. I selected a combination of natural timber, exposed brick, feather edged boarding and metro tiles complemented by oversized cowbell and exposed filament jamjar lights. I also installed all of the bric-a-brac and emptied three sacks of dried Autumn leaves over the floor to complete the look.

Work Programme Undertaken Includes: Brand Definition / Brand Positioning / Brand Identity & Guidelines / Brand Implementation / Interior Design / External Signage & Graphics / Packaging / Menus / POS / Website Design / Clothing / Stationery.