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By Paul Thwaites

Here’s a preview of my new book…

“To create a believable brand there is one absolutely fundamental thing that we must set out to achieve. A place where our brand takes on a life all of its own. The Holy Grail if you like. And the thinking behind it is simply this. Strong brands have fans rather than customers. People become aware of them and what they stand for without ever looking for them. They take on a momentum all of their own. One person becomes a believer and then tells five others. It becomes a virtuous circle that generates word-of-mouth that is far more pervasive than any mere advertising campaign.

If there is one thing to aim for in creating a brand it is surely this. But how to go about it? Strong brands are not just about overt marketing statements. They are actually far more potent when based on word-of-mouth. That is to say, when they become ‘discoveries’. And particularly when those discoveries become ‘destinations’. Where your customers become fans… and go on to become brand evangelists on your behalf. And that’s because your brand becomes a shorthand for what they believe and hold dear in life. It’s where everything triangulates – ethos & values, time & place and product.”