What We Do

We are a brand and identity consultancy with an international outlook that consists of a core strategy and creative team plus an extensive network of complementary talent.

We specialise in helping entrepreneurs and those launching new products or services to define, create and articulate their brands – on a tight, cost- effective budget using the principles outlined by Paul Thwaites’ book ‘The Common Sense Way To Create A Brand’.

Our work ranges from initial brand strategy and creative through to the delivery of extensive implementation programmes – which cover everything from logo design branding of interior and exterior environments, through to packaging, literature, clothing, vehicles, advertising and websites etc.

Paul Thwaites

Brand Strategy & Creative Direction

Having started his career in design over 20 years ago, Paul’s last role prior to setting up his own brand and identity consultancy in 2005 was as Design Director with the internationally recognised brand consultancy Boxer – which has offices in Covent Garden, Paris and Birmingham.

Paul is a regular speaker, writer and authority on the subject of brand and corporate identity – notably being invited by Oxford University to address its business students, and contributing articles to publications such SHARPEDGE magazine.

He has recently written the book ‘Join Our Club – The Common Sense Approach To Brand Creation’, which is now available.

Paul‘s area of expertise is constructing and articulating a coherent brand proposition out the various ideas that are brought to the table – and subsequently directing its physical manifestation through creating its graphic identity system and authoring the language that it employs. He will then creatively direct its implementation programme, undertaking all the headline design work plus art directing photographic shoots etc.

Brand Definition
Creative + Art Direction Design Development
Directing The Client Relationship

Brand Definition + Articulation

Strategic Planning

We have a small team of trusted brand planners, built up over the years, that we bring in to assist on larger brand projects. Their roles include initial market research, devising and faciltating brand workshops, followed by partnering Paul Thwaites during the actual brand definition stage.

Individual areas of specialism include:
Hotels, Cafes + Delis
Arts & Culture


Print Management

Steve Ray acts as our print manager. He has over 20 years experience within the print industry including running a large printers and now employs this experience in a consultancy capacity – advising on the latest and most suitable materials at the creative stage of a project, through to sourcing and costing from an extensive portfolio of specialist printer suppliers built up over the years, and finally managing production ‘on press’ through to delivery.

Materials Advice & Selection
Competitive Cross Quoting
Production Management

Paul Erskine

Artwork + Production Direction

Whilst Paul Thwaites is responsible for all areas that revolve around strategy and creation Paul Erskine is responsible for all aspects of delivering the work. He and his team handle all elements of final artwork layouts, production design and management.

After 15 years in the industry working at studio and production director level with two major agency groups Paul brings the calm, ordered and holistic experience that is vital to taking a project, or large programmes of work, through from design development and artwork to final production.

All Artwork + Production Design
Studio Team Direction
Production Direction + Supplier Liaison

Development, Artwork, New Media

The Studio Team

Our design and branding consultancy consists of a small core team plus a network of specialists who we bring in as and when a project requires.

Being a small and agile team means that we are often a better cultural fit with our clients, as we work on a one-on-one basis without a level of middle management. This leads to better, more spontaneous results and a more enjoyable working process.

Our core team consists of designers, artworkers and web programmers whilst our specialists cover areas such as photography, 3D visualisation and print management.

The current team comprises:
Sam Sayer – Artwork
Rob Langston – Design Development
Matthew Sparkes – Web Design + New Media
Shaun Damix – 3D Modelling
Phil Talbot – Artwork
Dan Buxton – Photography