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Looking to create a brand on a tightish budget? Read On.

So you’re a budding entrepreneur. You’ve got a big idea and a potentially great product – you know it’ll fly if you could only just get people as enthused about it as you are. Therefore, based on the fact that a strong brand is built on an engaging proposition backed up by a great experience, you’ve got exactly half of what you need for success. What you don’t have is the stunning brand proposition.

You know that you need to tackle the dreaded Brand word but where to start? Money’s tight and one thing that you know for sure is that at this early stage in the growth of your business you can’t afford a big brand consultancy. If that’s the case I hope these few words help…

I’ll start by saying that branding isn’t, or certainly shouldn’t be, a black art. It’s not all about paying a band of expensive consultants to go off and ruminate for a couple of months and then deliver back a tome that makes a thwack on your desk that’s directly aligned with the size of your wallet. It can, and should, be a lot simpler.

Let me go as far as to say that if you can’t write the essence of your brand on the palm of your hand you’ve probably got something wrong. Because if you have to reach inside your pocket for a prompt sheet it means that you won’t have ‘got it’. And if you haven’t ‘got it’ then nobody else will either.

So exactly what should be written across the palm of your hand…?

I’ll answer that in Part Two.