Monthly Archives: June 2012


Whenever I’m working on a cafe deli branding project I always come back to this beautiful artisanal deli in Verona. I think that it says everything that you want to say to passing customers. It’s a great inspiration. I have my favourites in London too, like La Fromagerie and The Natural Kitchen in Marylebone or Lina Stores in Soho, but G Albertini in Verona, for me, sums up the essence of a great deli.


What can I say about Daylesford that hasn’t already been said? I was sat on an exercise bike in the gym recently reading Alex James’ new (rooster-on-his-head cover photo) book and even he’s a fan (I guess that has something to do with his new cheesy/foodie thing…). It certainly is close to a religious experience, not only for a foodie but also for a ‘brand-ie’.

I guess that the thing that strikes me as a ‘brand’ person is the total attention to detail. There is that basic rule of thumb that a good brand – eg one with fans who go off and tell others about it – is to deliver what you promise. And whether it’s the products, or the interiors, or the packaging, it certainly does just that. My girlfriend walks around whispering “wow!” at the food and I do the same about the packaging that it comes in. I guess that I need to get out more! Or certainly further than the Cotswolds.

And with that in mind If you haven’t gotten over to Kingham yet you should. And don’t worry about not being able to find it easily, being situated as it is in deepest rural Gloucestershire,  because I’m not joking when I say that how close you are can be measured in relation to the regularity of sightings of well groomed ladies in 4x4s. Once you’re up to 3-4 sitings per half mile you know that you’re pretty close…